About Us

Chroma Dermatology is a dermatology centre with a difference – we are a passionate about pigment and skin of colour and committed to education, research and community service.

While we care for patients with all skin types, we pride ourselves on having expertise in selecting safe and medically proven treatments for those with pigment problems and those who have non-caucasian skin types. 

Chroma Dermatology recognises that Chinese, Indian, African, Middle Eastern and indigenous Oceanic skin is different to Caucasian skin and may differ in presentation, response and reaction to treatment. Understanding the differences and having the skill to tailor the treatment approach is critical to successfully treating pigmented skin.

The entire Chroma Dermatology team look forward to welcoming you to our centre soon! 

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Dr. Michelle Rodrigues - MBBS (Hons) FACD


Dr. Michelle Rodrigues is the founder of Chroma Dermatology. She is a qualified Australian dermatologist with over a decade of experience in dermatology. She has Anglo-Indian heritage and is globally renowned for her skill and expertise in treating pigment problems and diagnosing and managing skin conditions in those with skin of colour (non-Caucasian skin).

Through her passion for medical education and research, Dr. Rodrigues has contributed to advances in the diagnosis and treatment of conditions like vitiligo and melasma, and to the unique diagnostic and treatment considerations in patients with skin of colour who have common skin conditions like acne, eczema, psoriasis, keloid scars and more.

As a key opinion leader in pigmentary disorders and skin of colour, Dr. Rodrigues looks forward to serving her patients and journeying with them to improved skin health.


Shima - B. Derm Sci.

Dermal Clinician

Shima is an experienced Dermal Clinician who is passionate about optimal skin health, educating and training others and undertaking research. She prides herself on delivering safe, innovative and effective skin solutions and is excited about using the highest quality laser equipment, peels and rejuvenation devices available at Chroma Dermatology to enhance texture, luminosity and overall quality of the skin.  

An initial consultation with Shima at Chroma Dermatology will involve a comprehensive assessment of your overall skin-health and an in-depth discussion about any concerns you would like to address. Then, an individually tailored treatment plan will be suggested for you. The appointment will ensure Shima understands your specific needs and gives you the opportunity to know how you can best care for your skin and keep it looking and feeling great all year ‘round! Best of all, this initial consultation is free!